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The side that can't define what a woman is; outraged at Trump's mother's day post

The lengths that so-called journalists will go to make a news story is shocking nowadays, even more so when coupled with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Peter Wade of Yahoo spent a few moments of his life he'll never get back writing an article called "Trump Rips Enemies, Ignores Melania in Mother's Day Post."

My first question is, why does the left care so much about a holiday for which their stances contradict a needed concern? First, you work overtime to allow the murder of unborn babies through abortion, which prevents women from being moms. Second, you can't even define what a woman, and hence a mom, is. Do you have the authority to speak on how someone should post about Mother's Day on a social media platform? Maybe liberals can jump in and create a Person Who Births Children Day.

Regardless, Peter thought it important enough to point out that Donald Trump didn't post a Mother's Day mention to Melania. Instead, he attacked the left on Truth Social. The beauty is just how far Trump gets under the skin of these people. They live for everything he says, does, and posts. As if Melania woke up this morning with her perfect Mother's Day in mind, centered around what Trump may post.

I'm shocked, but these people have few career opportunities without Trump. The anger stemming from Trump beating their girl in 2016 won't disappear. The hate they have in their hearts is unnerving, to say the least. So much so that Yahoo will pay a writer for an obviously politically biased post in the hopes that it may influence people. This will probably ratchet up quite a bit in the coming months, especially after Trump looked like his rockstar self on CNN Prime Time.

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